Your Online Business-Drop-Shipping

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Selling Through Your Own Online Website


Our objective is to choose direct distribution as the sales model for our products and services, and in doing so, we decided on two things:

First, we resolved that our program would be easy to participate in and simple to understand.

Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skill training they need to be successful.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business opportunity that is lucrative, fair and rewards hard work.


Our focus is on building a company that is based on positive relationships and integrity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper.

One method of distribution that will surely be a great asset to those that desire to begin the Moringa Business but don’t have a lot of money to start with is the drop-shipping method. You may not have the money to purchase all the many products at once that you may want on hand to share but the drop shipping method will be of great benefit to YOU!


     You can begin your business by taking advantage of Simply purchasing a website and sending people to your website to purchase products. When they purchase product(s) on your website you will receive a 25% payment from the cost of the purchase products. Ex. If a customer makes a $100 purchase (minus the shipping fee) you will receive $25 from that sale as an independent distributor. If a customer makes a $1000 purchase (minus the shipping fee) you will receive $250 from those sales as an independent distributor and never have to touch a single product through the drop-shipping method.   


     The best ways to drive customers to your website is to give out your business cards to potential customers after talking with them and send them to your website. Another way of doing this can be by advertising or simply posting information about Moringa on your social media sites. Any method of advertising that you desire to use that’s legal and reputable you may use to drive potential customers to your website so that they can purchase products. The more sales that’s made the more customers you reach and the more money you will make. Likewise, they will recommend their friends to your website which will drive more sales and you’ll reach more customers and make more money. As the home company we will do all the shipping for you from your customer’s orders. Leave the shipping of products to us you just go out and spread the good news of Eden Wellness Moringa. Monies will be paid weekly for all Monday-Friday sales and sales made Saturday-Sunday will go on the following week sales. 


     At the present all monies from sales made on your website will be sent to your cashapp (so download the cashapp from the Play Store on your phone) or through paypal, as we work towards getting an Eden Wellness Moringa Credit Card for each distributor in the future.    Purchase Your Website Today and Get Started Now...