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Why Moringa? Because It Works

"My husband was dealing with weight gain, diabetes and erectile issues because he's an older man. I gave him the Moringa Tea and I am here to report today that it has changed his life. He has lost considerable weight, his diabetes is stable and his erectile issues is a thing of the past. I am well pleased with this product and I'm back today to get more." L.O. 

"My friend and I came into the Eden Wellness Moringa Store and I was experiencing bad neck pain and my friend was experiencing leg pain. We're both older ladies and I can tell you that after the gentleman put the Moringa Oil on our pains both of our pains left instantly. I could not believe it, we both purchased the oil and also the Moringa Capsules for other issues we have going on. I am a believer in Moringa products." J.C.

"My son who is 16 years old have been having overweight issues and I was very skeptical about putting him on a weight loss product but after talking with the man at the store he assured me that my son could take it and that it would help and gave me a 30 day money back guarantee. Well, I want you to know that my son loves the product and he has already lost 16 pounds." K.C.

"Eden Wellness Moringa is the one product that I've found that really works for weight issues. I have been taking the Moringa Powder and in less than a month I have already lost 20 pounds. I am spreading the word because it has worked for me and I want others to know that finally there is a product that does what it says it will do." J.J

"There is so many things that I can say about Eden Wellness Moringa but the new me is a testimony in itself to all the teachers that I work with in the High School that I work at. I have already brought so many people to the store to get their supply of the Moringa product and I have personally lost over 30 pounds. My wife and I both use the product and she is thrilled about what it's doing in our lives." T.P.

"I was experiencing severe arthritis pain in my knee and the diagnosis was I would need to start getting shots in my knee for the pain but the shots would have side effects that would effect other organs in my body. I was introduced to Eden Wellness Moringa and today I am not taking shots but using the Moringa and the pain has gone out of my knee since I have been using the Eden Wellness Moringa. Thank you so much for an incredible natural product." L.R.

"Man listen..... This stuff right here is the truth. Last week I decided to order some. The day my order arrived, I was sick as a dog due to my elevated blood pressure. I was out of pills. Went to refill them and CVS was out of stock. I got home and my shipment was here. Y'all my bp was in stroke numbers and going up every time I checked it. I put 1 teaspoon into a bottle of water with lemon. I drank on that and was checking my pressure often. Each time I checked it was going down. The next day I put a teaspoon in my smoothie. Loved it. Bp was normal the entire day. I am now on day 3 and my BP is at an all time low. Without my pills. This stuff is the truth. If you wanna know how u can get some let me know. I'm about to order me another supply. It not only helps with blood pressure. It has many many uses." C.W.

"You applied the oil on my shoulder on yesterday, I've been taking all kinds of medicine as well as over the counter stuff trying to get rid of this nagging pain. I came into your store on yesterday and you literally rub the Moringa Oil on my shoulder where it hurts constantly and I told you I would be back today if it works. I came back today to get a bottle of the Moringa Oil, it's amazing, the pain has gone. And I'm back." J.L.

"I purchased some of the Moringa Seasoning to apply on my food while cooking. It was delicious and last night I slept so good after eating my food with that Moringa Seasoning. It Works!" C.J.

"I have been using Moringa now and it has done wonderful for my menstrual cycle. I normally get cramps very bad and have to take over the counter medicine but since taking Moringa I no longer have the cramps and don't have to take any over the counter medicine. This stuff really works!" A.M.