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Moringa Powder superfood supplement is made up of pure moringa oleifera leaves at healthy dosage available online. Moringa is a unique superfood, nutritional supplement and people using moringa in India over thousands of years. It has high potassium level that is essential for nerves and brain function. Moringa’s calcium helps to build healthier bones. Moringa has the building blocks of protein as it has all the essential amino acids. Eden Wellness Moringa leaves powder is the purest there is and it have no fillers, colors, gluten, additives, artificial ingredients and binders.

3 Month Supply of Moringa Powder

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  • In Bible moringa oleifera tree has been mentioned as 'miracle tree' due to its nutritional value. Its use in treatment has been mentioned in Ayurvedha scriptures. In Africa, Philippines, Srilanka and India the rural population have been using tree leaves, flowers and pods in their cuisine.


    Unique advantage of moringa oleifera tree is that it can be beneficial for digestive, nervous system and cardio vascular system it can regulate the functions of major organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs, heart and skin. But only few countries have known the uses of this tree produces. Moringa oleifera leaves extract has been used in clinical trials using rat models. It has been found to remove all urinary proteins and sugars with 15 days of leaf extract treatment. Leaf extract was effective in early phases of liver damage due to high fat diet. High bad fat intake involves increased ß-oxidation of fatty acids and cause lipid peroxidation. Leaf powder/extract can prevent the increase in lipid peroxidation.

    Researchers found that leaf extract can restrain macrophage activation than sulforaphane it can protect against neutrophil related immunosuppression in animal models it was found that is increased antibody levels and immunoglobulins.




    "I really enjoy making a moringa drink because I feel it nourishes my body with nutrients but I take it for the antioxidants to combat the free radicals helping to combat the effects of inflammation in the body. You have to try it and you will continue to use it to maintain proper heart health." D.M.


    "This product has helped me with my stomach issues in a large way. I encourage others to use it as well. I have lost weight too. My hair is healthier and nails. Before I was taking this product I was one miserable female. Not anymore. Yay!!!" E.V.