Olivie Oil & Olive Dressing

  • USDA organic extra virgin olive oil with 30 times more antioxidants then regular extra virgin olive oil.

  • Regular extra virgin olive oil contains up to about 233mg total polyphenols. Olivie 30X containes 1250mg of it!

  • Regular extra virgin olive oil has about 7mg Hydroxytyrosol - the most potent and strongest antioxidant found in nature. Olivie 30X has 233mg of Hydroxytyrosol which is 30 times more!

  • 250 ml glass bottle. Produced by Atlas Olive Oils company in Morocco.

  • Healthy supplement to strengthen your immune system. Put it in yogurt, salads, smoothies and many more options

  • Just 1 Tbsp a day.

This is not the Olive Oil that you buy in your local stores. This Olive Oil is 30 times stronger than any Olive Oil on the planet. You will have to take 30 tablespoons of store bought Olive Oil to equal up to 1 tablespoon of this kind.


Folks it's INCREDIBLE!....Testimonials

Noticeable differences fast

"I’ve been taking this for a week. Noticeable difference in my skin and hair softness and fullness. Energy levels and even muscle pump seems stronger. Taste is very green tasting not so much of a burn on throat. You can smell the uniqueness. Take a tablespoon with a meal, don’t not cook with this." N.R.

I can tell a difference within days

I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I was expecting the worst. Very mild taste with a hint of olive flavor. I did notice improvement on my overall health, digestion, and lack of heartburn. I split the dose, half a teaspoon in the morning and half before bed. I may increase the dose later, but for now it works fine. I will definitely continue to use it long term." M.R.

3 and a Half Months Going Strong

"I have been having a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 3 and 1/2 months, every morning. This has helped my IBS and my joint pain so much! Everyone should take this. It is not too late to start now!" D.G.

Works like Magic

"I’ve been using extra-virgin olive oil for 25 years it works like magic all my friends are dying and I’m still here at 90." C.L.

This is the Real Olive Oil

"Mind that the olive oil you buy at the supermarket, especially if you are in the USA, isn't olive oil. It's a mixture of low quality olive oils and seed oils. Take it from me, grew up on a farm in Tuscany and moved to the US 21 years ago. K.T."


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  • 【 The best chefs in the world prefer Desert Miracle 】 Exclusive Restaurants and luxury hotels, but also high representative institutions and prestigious gourmet stores (as well as award-winning American Chefs) have chosen our extra virgin olive oils. Ten Michelin-starred restaurants use Desert Miracle Olive Oils to create dishes intended for an exclusive, refined and demanding public.

Folks it's AMAZING...Testimonies!

Health has no price

This Olive Oil is delicious and LOADED with 30x more polyphenols than conventional olive oil which means more antioxidant power, and it tastes amazing.

This Olive Oil comes from the harsh desert environment of Morocco. This arid climate helps grow some of the strongest olive trees on the planet. The limited supply of resources force the olive trees to go into "survival mode. They produce extra polyphenols to protect themselves.

Love this product!

This product is fantastic! Normally I do not like extra virgin olive oil due to the bitterness. But this oil does not have that bitterness at all. Just a pleasant true olive oil taste. Use it on my salads daily. As a bonus, I have read the olive oil grown from the desert has the most health benefits! M. 

Best high phenol olive oil

This oil is so good and fresh plus has all the health benefits of high phenol content. S.G. 

Superb olive oil

I was so excited to get my hands on the worlds best olive oil made with the olives that are more beneficial than any other olives in the world. M.